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Company profile

IGRO s.r.o. was established in 1995. There is a hydraulic press for paper and plastic in Nýřany workplace. In June 2004, a new assorting line was launched. Nýřany workplace is mainly used as collecting yard and transit point.

IGRO s.r.o. cooperates with its sister company EKO-SEPAR s.r.o. Nýřany ( Both companies draw from their rich experiences of foreign parent company – family firm Container Kraus GmbH with its seat in Windischeschenbach (SRN).

10 skilled drivers are available for ensuring waste collecting and waste disposal, 4 general workers take care of manipulation with containers and bins. 3 repairmen are available to ensure necessary repairs, other workers (40) take care of sorting and pressing plastic and paper, they also ensure another common work in Planá – Karlín and Nýřany plants. IGRO s.r.o. employs also several workers (10) who ensure the disposal with waste at our customer’s places. Six accountants take care of accounting, invoicing and waste statistics in the company’s office in Tachov.

IGRO s.r.o. possesses 10 special trucks Mercedes-Benz and MAN. With these trucks we are able to ensure all the requirements in time. In the case of need, our company can ask for other trucks from its parent company Container Kraus GmbH Germany.

We use various types of litter bins, which are placed right at our customers. For industrial waste we use large-volume containers, pressing containers or stationery pressing units with replaceable containers of volume in range from 5 to 40 m3. Containers with volume of 60 l, 110 l, 120 l, 240 l, 1 100 l and IGLU type containers are used for collecting of sorted municipal waste from towns, villages and smaller plants. Containers for separated waste collection have different colours: black – municipal waste, white – paper, yellow – plastic, green – glass.


The waste, that can’t be reused (municipal solid waste, high-volume waste), is deposited at these controlled landfills:

  • Ekodepon s.r.o. Černošín
  • Ekodepon s.r.o. Kladruby
  • Ingeotrade spol. s r.o. Vysoká

Reusable parts of waste (sorted waste – paper, plastic, and glass) are sorted once more and then they’re transported to other competent persons both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our company knows very well the system of waste industry in European countries and uses this knowledge in local conditions while respecting legal regulations and rules concerning the waste management. In 2005, integrated system of quality control and environmental management (according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) was successfully introduced and certified in our company.

IGRO s.r.o. makes detailed waste-disposal statistics according to the law 185/2001 about waste. All company activities are in accordance with all legal laws and regulations concerning waste disposal.